Our Retail Group is comprised of experienced and highly-trained professionals directly involved in the retail sector.

Retail operations require substantial control procedures to safeguard the store's inventory and property. Our professionals will test and review your current control procedures, including integration of the point-of-sales system which will assist you in ensuring the highest return on your investment.

In addition, we review the company's entity structure for proper separation of liabilities and exposure items for asset protection purposes.

Also, we provide tax planning and strategies in the following areas:

  • LIFO Inventory Method and Retail Method of Valuing Inventory
  • Retail Buildings and Related Assets - Cost Segregation Studies to Accelerate Depreciation Deduction
  • Domestic Production Deduction Qualification Determination for Manufacturing Retail Operations
  • Qualified Employee Discounts
  • Shrinkage Reserves
  • Tax Advantage Exit-Out Strategies

You will benefit from our highly experienced professionals in every aspect of your operation.