Representation Before IRS and State Authorities


The IRS has recently increased the number of audits, inquiries and other review procedures. As a result, this requires highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals to correspond with such authorities with the goal to minimize IRS and governmental tax problems before litigation is necessary.

We integrate both tax law and controversy procedures to develop a strategy based on the facts of your particular situation.

Our services include:

  • IRS Liens, Levies and Asset Seizure Removals
  • Response to IRS Requests
  • Offer in Compromise Filings and Representation
  • Appeals and Settlement Alternatives
  • Taxpayer Advocate Dialog
  • Wage Garnishment Resolution
  • Unfiled Tax Returns and Amnesty Programs
  • Installment Plans and Form 433F Compliance Filing
  • IRS and Governmental Penalty Abatement Procedures

Our highly qualified professionals will represent you and your companies with the primary objective to achieve a successful outcome in a timely and cost efficient manner.