Manufacturing and Distribution

Few sectors of the U.S. economy have been through the levels of change experienced by the manufacturing and distribution industry. Foreign competition, current economic crisis, extended credit and downward pricing pressures are some of the challenges to overcome.

Many of these challenges are a blend of marketing, accounting, tax and operational issues. As a result, Brody & Associates uses a team approach to deliver solutions that make sense from many different perspectives: business growth, tax optimization and strategic ownership goals.

In order to provide the highest quality of service to companies like yours, our client service team is comprised of specialists with experience in the manufacturing and distribution industry. In addition, we help you uncover unique opportunities for Research & Development Credits within your operations.

We have determined that by clearly understanding the structure and practices of manufacturers and distributors, we can assist you on managing the increasingly complex challenges you may encounter. How you deal with sales, operational, management and financial challenges can determine your success. Brody & Associates Manufacturing and Distribution Group provides you with business and management insight to help you reach your goals.